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  • VinoGarnacha.com


    Wine and garnacha's grape lovers Club

    An eBusiness project that offers Bodegas Aragonesas' best products to their most exclusive clients.

    VoidBrains Team is in charge of the virtual shop full deployment including tasks likes like installation, configuration,custimozation and positioning.

  • Smarty Farmer

    Smarty Farmer

    Super Ganadero (Super Ganadero in Spanish) is a VoidBrains Team's personal bet that pretends to support breeders' daily work.

    SmartyFarmer is a global management system for every kind of farm

    With a Web and a Mobile Application aims to reduce costs. No matter how big your farm is, you soon will be able to improve your performance.

    Visit SmartyFarmer.com

  • Vino Shopping

    Vino Shopping

    With all the experience adquired in previous projects where are proudly launching a Wine Virtual Store service.

    With an astonishing website, wineries and wine distributors can stay focused only on wine business, VoidBrains team will take care of everything else.

    Visit VinoShopping.com